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RZR Turbo Intake tube

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With tunes and big turbos, it is especially important to have the most flow with the least restriction supplied to the compressor section of the turbo. Our silicone V-Flow intake pipe drastically cuts down on the pre turbo turbulence due to the smooth, decreasing radius intake. The EVO Intake does not have an “accordion” section like the oem to disturb the air flow. On our Stage 4R tune, our intake elbow gives us another 2-3 horsepower over stock. Lastly, customers have reported and we have seen ourselves that fine sand can get past the clamps on the factory intake hose because plastic does not positively seal. The EVO intake hose is made from silicone rubber and will 100% seal to the turbocharger and air box.

The V-Flow intake is designed to work with the factory breather and blow off valve for 100% stock like installation.

Comes in all RZR Turbo colors and works with the OEM turbocharger as well as our Sandblaster Big Turbo Upgrade.