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  • Ranger 800 Clutch Kit

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    Our custom built QSC clutch kits are the absolute best on the market! Proven winners in many race circuits all around the world.

    In the Ranger 800 we use QSC's patentend adjustable weights and custom calibrate them to your machine, it's modifications, and your riding style and use. From utility, to trails, to mud, and everything in between you can be sure that you will have the proper cluch calibration to give the most performance from your machine. Using adjustable weights and offering them in a "fixed" weight setup gives you a leg up on all other kits out ther eas well.

    For the price of a fixed weight kit from any other Mfg, you are getting a kit that can be adjusted for any future modifications you make to you machine without the need to purchase a new kit to recalibrate your machine.

    -Fixed weight kit: Uses QSC adjustable weights, custom picked springs for primary and secondary spring, and a pair of shims to adjust engagement RPM from aprox 1600-2200RPM so you can choose just the right feel for your riding.

    -Adjustable weight kit: Includes all the same components as the fixed weight kit, but also adds an assortment of extra hardware to make fine tuning your weights a breeze. It will also allow you to make changes to your kit to adapt it for future mods like different size tires, exhaust and intake mods, as well as internal engine work. Minimizing the posibility of having to purchase more parts in the future like with many other kits out there.


    Better throttle response  

    Faster acceleration  

    Improved belt grip for towing, hauling, and plowing 

    Smoother engagement  

    Cooler clutch and belt temps