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Dynojet Power Vision PV3 - RZR Turbo

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2016 models:

Stage 1 - 22 WHP (stock intake and exhaust, 91 octane)

Stage 2 - 27 WHP (stock intake, aftermarket exhaust, 91 octane) 

Stage 3 - 35 WHP (aftermarket exhaust, 93 octane)

2017-18 Models:

Stage 1 - 20WHP ( stock intake and exhasut, 91 octane)

Stage 2 - 25WHP (stock intake, aftermarket Exhaust, 91 Octane)

Stage 3 - 30WHP (Stock intake, aftermarket exhaust, 93 octane)

With the relative newness of the PVCX, we are in need of machines to build more stages for all years. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing your machine in to be tuned on our in house dyno.

General Device Features

  • Flash performance tunes via OEM diagnostic connector, no need to remove and send out ECU
  • Display vehicle data channels in real-time
  • Weather resistant for use in all conditions
  • High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight

Performance Tunes

  • Fueling revised for maximum power and torque
  • Spark timing optimized for 91-93 octane fuel
  • Rev limit raised in high and low gears
  • Speed limit raised in high and low gears
  • Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated
  • Revised drive-by-wire throttle profiles for high and low gears
  • Lower fan turn-on temps
  • Left foot brake mode enabled
  • Retains ADC and Turf mode where applicable
  • Boost control for Turbo models
  • Gives end users complete control of their calibration
  • Start with the original calibration, or modify / edit existing calibrations
  • Manage and send tune files to the Power Vision CX
  • Real-time cell tracing
  • Monitor and log supported data channels from the ECU
  • Tune lock option to protect unauthorized sharing

C3 Tuning Software - Adjust all defined tables with live cell tracing, advanced table operations (Horizontal/Vertical/Bilinear Interpolate). Full support for Undo and Redo of all table operations for faster tuning and less time wasted backing up maps. Software currently only compatible with Windows based PCs.

Cell Trace Replay - Clicking on any point in a log file moves the cell trace cursor exactly where it was during the run. Quickly make adjustments without searching for the right axis values.

Map Compare - Build tunes faster by leveraging previous work. Map Compare is a fully-featured comparison tool that shows the differences between separate tunes or individual tables within the same map (front cylinder vs rear cylinder tables, for example). 

Table Math Scripting - Tune faster and smarter than ever before with repeatable, fully customizable tuning scripts. Tune directly from data logs and make rapid full-table adjustments and never worry about cell-by-cell adjustment ever again. Use pre-built Dynojet scripts, or build your own for full control." 

Table DRO (Digital ReadOut) - Don't waste another minute guessing values between cells! Hovering the mouse cursor calculates the exact value at that location in the table. No need to view channels outside C3, the Cell Tracer is calculated as well.