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Can-Am UTV Adjustable Weight Kits Commander

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The QuadShop Customs adjustable “Predator” weights are all this clutch needs to be arguably the best performing and most economical 3 weight aftermarket ATV clutch on the market. Depending on the primary spring, you can tune for any riding or racing type, engine size, factory or aftermarket secondary clutch, or elevation. The weights are cut with the aggressive QSC profile. This produces a hard hitting bottom end under heavy throttle, while maintaining a smooth engagement for the light throttle trail cruisers. The QSC adjustable “Predator” weights are the only ATV clutch weight to feature four adjustment points. One through the side just in front of the pin for engagement and slow speed full throttle tuning.  Three on the bottom of the weight for RPM tuning at all speeds. The weight on the bottom method keeps the mass of the weight where it belongs. Some companies machine the whole side of the weight and then add weight back in, leaving mass voids and tuning voids between the fasteners. The mass on the bottom also keeps the weight from wanting to twist on the pin, keeping everything in balance and low on friction.  The 4 point adjustment feature enables you to super load the base of the weights for tuning the bottom end on those high horsepower engines. The 3 under weight adjustment points allow for precise RPM tuning at any speed with the complete set of threaded multi weight adjustment fasteners for dialing in the entire “shift-out” RPM